Cara Install Flutter di Windows 10 (How to Install Flutter on Windows 10)

Rheadavin Adhiskara
4 min readMar 25, 2021



Halo semua!

This time I want to share a tutorial How to Install Flutter on Windows 10. As you know, application development technology is growing rapidly. Therefore, let’s prepare by getting know with Flutter. Mari belajar bersama!


Flutter SDK — Download here

For beginners, I recommend choosing the latest version of the Futter SDK with the Stable Channel type. You can download on here

Extract the Flutter SDK that you downloaded on Disk C:

After you extract the Flutter SDK, set the Environment Variables to the Path variable. Customize the path with your own folder

Step for Android Studio users:

If you are not using Android Studio, you can skip this step.

  1. Open your Android Studio, and Open Configure > Plugins

2. On the Marketplace tab, search ‘flutter’, install it, and then Restart IDE

3. Open again Android Studio, and click Start a new Flutter projects. Choose Flutter Application

4. Configure your flutter application. Choose Flutter SDK path on Disk C:

5. Set package name, you can adjust your package name for the Flutter application. Checklist the AndroidX

Boom! Your Flutter apps is ready.

Step for Visual Studio Code users

You can create the Flutter Application with VS Code.

  1. Open your VS Code, and go to View tab > Command Palette..

2. Type ‘flutter’, and select the Flutter: New Application Project

3. Select folder to save your project.

4. Enter a project name, such as flutter_application, and press Enter.

Wait, and Boom! Your Flutter Apps is ready!

Test Drive

  1. Open Terminal / CMD / PowerShell and go to the flutter folder

2. Type on your command:

flutter doctor

If you have some issues with Android toolchain ([!] Some Android licenses not accepted…). The reason is: You are required to agree to the license (terms & conditions) from Android first.

The trick is to type

flutter doctor --android-licenses

Enter: Y to accept the license

And then check back with flutter doctor to see if there are any more issues.

Hope it is useful. Thank you very much and see you on next tutorial.